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About Us

Why a Floating Bungalow?

In our early 50s, the two of us found ourselves in central New Hampshire in a 5,400- square-foot house. For decades we had been part of the rat race: bigger and bigger houses, more and more bills, raising kids, sending them to college. However, after closing the doors of a non-profit I had run for 20 years, we began to take stock of where we were and where we wanted to be. Our kids were moving onto their adult lives and a couple of winters hit us hard in the pocket book and our free time. We were ready to move on to a simpler life that did not have all the trappings of home and property upkeep. We wanted to simplify life.

It turns out we were not alone. At this time, the small house movement had just begun to take shape. All over the world people were realizing they did not want to work to support a huge home that they did not have time to enjoy. These people wanted a sustainable lifestyle leading into retirement years and found small houses were a perfect way to get it. Compared to traditional houses, small houses cost a fraction to maintain and offered lower taxes, lower insurance, and lower bills. All of this was consistent with what we were looking for.

We had our own vision though; we didn’t just want to go smaller. We knew we wanted to spend time on the water and live in a warmer climate. We wanted to be part of a community with concerts, restaurants, and good friends. And perhaps most daring, we refused to compromise on style, luxury, and beauty. After some time, and lots of thought, it became clear what we were looking for: the ability to live on the water; a small home with virtually no upkeep; and an affordable joyful lifestyle that could be sustained by working part time. Through this clarity, Floating Bungalows was born.

For us, the Floating Bungalow changed everything. When the Floating Bungalow was completed, we transitioned from stressful, full-time careers to working less than half-time. Since that time, we have collectively lost 75 pounds, managed to lower dangerous blood pressure levels without medication, and decrease our stress levels. On a daily basis, we are able to walk, swim, and truly enjoy life with great friends. We take boat rides, go kayaking and are able to afford our favorite local restaurants. We are having the time of our life!

For us, the Floating Bungalow changed everything.