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Design And Construction

The Hull

One of the major differences in the design of our Floating Bungalows vs. many floating homes you may see is the “foundation” or hull for our home. Sometimes you will see floating homes built on old pontoons or “pickle barrels”. These pontoons are often unsightly and require constant upkeep, without which they will sink. Our hull is made of thermal plastic that flexes upon impact unlike steel or fiberglass products that dent or crack. Our hull does NOT rust. Growth does not affect the material the way it affects steel or fiberglass. The sheets are welded together with a heat based plastic welding system. The result is a single solid hull with no glue or fasteners. This design maximizes strength while maintaining light weight.

Hull Features


100% Plastic Construction


No Rust


No Corrosion


No Maintenance


Heavy Duty




Extreme Durability

The Construction

Each Floating Bungalow is handcrafted using only the finest components and material held to exacting standards. The frame, as well as the drywall, is glued and screwed together. It has closed cell spray foam insulation, double-glazed windows, and a self-contained HVAC system. Hand crafted clear pine trim joints are glued and biscuit joined. Roof area is 100% covered with self-adhered bituminous membrane under metal roofing. The exterior siding is vinyl with PVC trim and stainless steel fasteners. A separate utility room houses the electric distribution panel, hot water heater, LP gas locker and washer/dryer. Finally, all infrastructure components meet or exceed American Boating and Yacht Council standards.


All structural members screwed with epoxy coated screws

Pressure treated sub floor framing
3/4 inch tongue and groove sub floor
2 x 4 wall construction on 16″ centers
1/2 inch CDX plywood glued and screwed to wall framing
1/2 inch CDX plywood glued and screwed roof sheathing
100% bituminous membrane roof covering
20 gauge metal roofing
100% closed cell foam insulated
Shell completely house-wrapped


Solid pigment vinyl siding
PVC exterior trim with stainless steel screws
All porch balustrades and railings hand crafted from cypress

TREX Select composite decking fastened with ceramic coated deck screws

Interior Systems

PEX supply plumbing with individual control manifold
All schedule 40 PVC waste and drain plumbing
2 built in tanks – 160 gallons each for sewage and gray water

12 gauge marine wiring
ABYC approved propane system

Quick recovery hot water heater

Two permanently mounted 1250 gallon/hour 12 volt bilge pumps

1500 gallon/hour 120 volt stand-by bilge pump


All interior trim clear select wood with joints glued and biscuit joined
3/4 inch solid oak flooring
1/2 inch lightweight drywall glued and screwed
12,000 BTU air conditioner unit with heat
3 flat screen TV feeds
All vinyl windows double glazed, low E glass
Five foot French patio doors to porch
36 inch full size shower
Frigidaire Gallery Stainless Steel Appliances include: 5 burner gas range, side-by-side refrigerator with water and ice in door, and full size dishwasher
Granite counter tops
Butcher block work area
Spendide vented combination washer/dryer
Smoke, carbon monoxide, and gas detectors

The Design

“When Love and Skill Work Together, Expect a Masterpiece..”

– John Ruskin

Why own the land when all you really want is the water!

The Sanford Model was designed to provide a small and luxurious floating home in the local area. However, its limitation – as many have discovered in the decision making process – is that it is too tall to travel to a new location over the road, leaving this Model less than ideal for Florida’s intracoastal waterways, the Keys, or the west coast of Florida. Its other limitation, is that the upstairs bedroom is more challenging for people with physical limitations. Our new model, The Monroe, solves these problems.

Whether The Monroe or The Sanford, these floating homes are designed to maximize space, feel luxurious, and simplify life.