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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a boat? Is it a house ?

This is often the first question people ask… the answer is, it is a BOAT. The Floating Bungalow is a registered boat with an assigned hull number.

How big is the Floating Bungalow ?

The Floating Bungalow is a 12 x 32 foot vessel with approximately 550 square feet of living space.

Why isn't the Floating Bungalow motorized ?

Motorizing a bungalow is cost-prohibitive and unwieldy on the water. We found that tying a boat off to the porch allows us to explore the river without the expense, or overwhelming nature of driving a 32-foot house down a river on a windy day!

Can the Floating Bungalow be insured ?

Absolutely, the Floating Bungalow is currently insured. Because the boat does not have engines, insuring the Floating Bungalow is much less expensive than insuring most boats or houses.

Do you pay property taxes with a Floating Bungalow ?

No, you do not pay property taxes. It is a registered boat. If you dock the Floating Bungalow at a piece of property you own it is not taxed (just like if you tied off a boat to your dock).

Do I have to hook up to a marina ?

This Floating Bungalow is designed to be hooked up at a Marina or residence.

I've heard that most marinas don't accept floating houses. Is this true ?

Floating houses in Florida have historically been shacks built on “pickle barrels” or other floating devices. They have not been built by American Boating and Yacht Council Standards, are not registered, and are unable to be insured. Because of this, many marinas will say they do not accept floating houses. However, because our Floating Bungalow is a registered boat, built to American Boating and Yacht Council Standards, Coast Guard inspected, and insured, every marina we have approached will welcome our Floating Bungalow.

How much do I need to know about boats before investing in a Floating Bungalow ?

Very little. Without needing to maintain motors, the Floating Bungalow can easily be your first boat.

How Much Does It Cost To Live On A Boat?

People are often surprised at how much cheaper it is
to live on a boat! HERE’S THE MATH.

What can you do with all this extra money? For us, this was a game changer and allowed us to work less and enjoy life more. We both decided to work part time. For you, it may alter your savings goals, cut years off your projected retirement date, or reach other financial goals.